Monday, 20 December 2010

It's Snow Time.

It's Snow Time here in Barrington,
We woke up this morning to more heavy snow fall.
The pump on our central heating boiler
gave up the ghost yesterday.
So we have no heating or hot water at the moment.
So the decision to walk to the workshop this morning
was not to hard to make. 
Me and Caddy took the quick route through the fields at the back.

 and we got the chance to stop and talk to the horses.
Not that I'm doctor Doolittle or anything.

These two look like Batman & Robin.

I'm sure Caddy was thinking the same.

We managed to get through the gate that was frozen solid.

and we made it to the workshop. 
As you can see it is just above freezing in the workshop
and I have to sit a do the writing on these two bread crocks
that will take me 3 hours at least.
so to stop me freezing up in the process
I'm going to put the raku kiln on again.


Ron said...

It sure is beautiful, but no good at all to have no heat or hot water. I hope you get that worked out. Good luck w. the crocks. I'm sure it's cool out in my shop but not as cold as yours. Have a good day.

cookingwithgas said...

you guys have really been slammed- i stick by my bake cookie and break out a pint!

Hollis Engley said...

We're looking much like you today, Paul, with overnight snow and still coming down. But we're well heated, so it's a bit easier here. Good luck getting the utilities back up and working, and getting somewhere north of freezing in the studio.

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