Friday, 11 March 2011

Make Time for another cup of Tea.

You may remember back in February I posted a blog
entitled make time for a cup of tea.
Since then I had been contacted by a lady who asked if I could use my blog
to promote her charity to raise funds for ovarian Cancer.
Having recently taken my kit off for the Help the Hero's charity calender
I felt I could not pass up this opportunity
to pass the word about this.
so please look at the link below and if you know someone that
would love to take part in Making Time for Tea
pass it on.

when I was a contract manager selling ceramic tiles
I used to drink from these paper cups every day of the week.
I'm pleased to say I now use a more civilised cup.
I heard a phrase on radio 4 the other day
when someone called sales reps,
 "Dashboard Diners"

This is Bernard Leach Making Time for Tea.

So lets go make time for tea !


Hannah said...

Well said Paul. "Drink tea and forget the world's noise".

I like that phrase. I like tea too.

ang said...

such a great photo of the ol fella :)) hope you have recovered from your photo session....

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