Monday, 25 April 2011

Royal Wedding Mugs Update.

Don't Panic
with only 5 days to go before the big day
The mugs are now past this stage.
and past this stage.
In fact the first batch are all out of the kiln.
I was able to fit 125 mugs in this firing.
They were a mixture of three different orders.
These are the first batch for the Village of Pitney
being packaged up by Marion
This is the final deal
each mug wrapped in tissue and placed in a bag
along with a certificate and my new leaflet.
This is part of the first order of 100 pots
ready to go.
and Dave who ordered them came and collected them on Friday.
This is part of the second batch for Isle Brewers Village
just waiting for the next firing to complete the order.
also in the firing are 50 for Hambridge school
and these should be completed by Wednesday evening.
But I've come in to the workshop this morning only to find the kiln had
stopped with the pots looking like they had reached about 300 oc
So I've had to put it straight back on
and keep my fingers crossed.

1 comment:

Tracey Broome said...

The folks getting those cups are very lucky! They are beautiful and the packaging is lovely, go Marion!

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