Sunday, 1 May 2011

All Done

Thursday Morning saw the last of the Royal Wedding Mugs
go out of the door.
all done and all on time.
These last batch were for Hambridge school.
This Batch were for Pitney Village
and these ones went to Isle Brewers Village.

It was a great sense of achievement to fulfill all of the orders on time
and they all loved the presentation
which was all down to Marion.
We still have orders for a further 75 which will be started this week
and I'm going to make some extras that will be on sale in the showroom.
I took The Friday off and watched the wedding
and then retired to the pub for a few well earned Beers.


Hannah said...

Damn good work Paul. Blimey it's wierd that everyone else has been busily working away for the last month while we've been swanning around the world. The cups are great, no wonder they were loved. I have something here that I need to post down to you from RP, will sort that when my head works out where on earth I am now.

cookingwithgas said...

anyway to put some hats on those mugs! I loved the hats for the wedding.
Good job on your part.

ang said...

far out paul you've been at it :))

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