Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Ok Forget that last post. I'm Back

The first thing I said in my last post was
"I'm not sure I should be writing this blog".
and I needn't had.
All I should have done is wait until Marion
came home from work and had a chat with her.
Grayson Perry has his alter- ego "Claire"
and that's great I have no problem with that and it works for Him.

But when I get ILL I think this is my alter -ego
Dobby from the Harry potter films
sat on my shoulder and whispering
"Oh no Mr Jessop you can't be doing to well there must be something wrong
think about this and think about that Oh No Mr Jessop."
So I wrote Yesterdays blog. and an Hour or so later Marion came home
from work and read my blog.
She took caddy for a walk and then came back in.
And with the clarity of thought of a thousand virgins,
well maybe a hundred,
OK lets settle for half a dozen.
She swiped Dobby from my shoulder and she said
" right what we are going to do is this, this and this,
and that should sort everything out for you".
Just Brilliant.
And Today I've woken up feeling much better in both body
and mind.
so the moral of the story is to talk to the one nearest you
who knows you better than anyone else.
Thank You Marion for everything You do for me.


gz said...

good for you. Lucky you :-)

Ron said...

I just read yesterdays post and then todays. I had load of good advice and information to write to you but it looks like you've got it sorted.
Actually, I totally understand the whole confusion over the terms and conditions. It frustrates me.

Good that you have the problem of more people wanting your work than not! You deserve it and have worked hard in such a short time to get to where you are now. Keep at it.

And YAY!! for Marion.

cookingwithgas said...

Third time is a charm right??
I tried to leave words of wisdom but seems blogger does not like my words or thinks you are doing well enough with out them!
Your Marion sounds like a keeper and a winner!

Hollis Engley said...

Right. Listen to your wife.

Hannah said...

Brilliant! Well done Marion, can you hire her out to other needy potters with words of sensible wisdom? I think we all need it some times. I flipping did last week for sure. Will email you just in a mo with my ts and cs.

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