Sunday, 10 February 2008

Brannam Potters Circa 1975

Interesting day today. Marion's son Nathan came around with his wife Louise and little baby Josh, they brought with them some friends, Sam & Kerry, Sam creates web sites and Nathan is a camera man for Sky News. We put together the basic outline for my new web site, and Nathan took some fantastic photos. When I was looking through my old photos I found these two pictures that my brother took at Brannam Pottery in Barnstaple when we were on holiday back in 1975.


doug fitch said...

Those are great photos. I've just been looking at a book called A Family Business - the story of a pottery, which is all about Brannams. There are some photos of those guys, your top shot is of Billy Moore and the other guy is Philip Williams

paul jessop said...

Oh Wow, that's fantastic.

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