Thursday, 3 April 2008

Beautiful Day

Biscuit Firing today, all went very well, Made loads of pots today, including these three Jars with Lids, It was such a beautiful day I was able to dry them out in the garden and turn the lids today as well. Marion spent the day gardening and found a great little toad. She gave him a new home in a jug in her vegetable patch, he seemed to love it and is still there. As you can see it took it's toll on Marion.


doug fitch said...

Beutiful - and the pots ain't bad either!!! See you later

paul said...

wheres all that lovely sunshine gone now?.
Ihave finally found time to look on your blog, good stuff!.
looking on the bright side is a handy trait but you can develop a nasty squint, still I suppose it is better than a frown.

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