Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Buzzy Bees

A week off from work, and time to do some serious potting. The tally so far is as follows.
Replaced 5 willow fence panels. Laid one Path. Erected 1 gate and fence. Made 4 large jugs, 14 mugs and 3 new design salt pigs. and Loaded the Kiln ready for a Biscuit firing.
Monday was a bit manic but we had planned to do these things at some point over the weeks holiday. Marion is a great help and we work well as a team. The fence will help to keep the dogs off the grass while I dry my pots in the summer, so far we have had two beautiful days weather. I was very tired today, so I hope to get more potting done tomorrow.


Mochaware said...

Nice pots man!
Keep at it, I'll check back sometime soon to see how they turn out. Keep me posted though if you think of it.

doug fitch said...

Hey good to see the comb's getting some action. Those pots you made at mine look great and they'll be in the next kiln in a few weeks time.

Just off to see if I can find a smoking jacket

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