Friday, 23 May 2008

Good Day - Bad Day

One of those days when you do some good stuff and some bad stuff.
I made 10 small storage jars, by the time I had turned them I was down to 7.
I'm keeping up my promise to myself to only make good quality pots, and 3 just didn't make the grade. Marion came home later as I was just about to decorate the pots, and she took me up the pub for a few pints. So the decoration was done when we came back. All the pots have black slip with white slip decoration, these should be interesting because I had a much free er hand after a few pints.
I'm struggling with finding enough time to get things done. I seem to have so many things to do at the moment. I'm trying to get my web site up and running, sort out my stand for my first show, design some leaflets and basically design a complete range of pots.
I know the age old thing about you can't eat an elephant in one go, but I just want to get things done.


Hannah said...

Oh poor pots, it has to be done though doesn't it. the free-er decoration will indeed be interesting, look forward to seeing them. Did you make them on your new wheel?

paul jessop said...

Yep I love it.
I forgot to say the main bad thing that happened today. I took my dog Murphy out in the field with his ball, he loves to run and run, but when we got home he collapsed on his bed and his tounge turned blue, I laid down with him and fed him water from my hand, he looked like he was going to die, he was so hot, so i sprayed him with my water sprayer from my workshop to cool him down. he did eventually recover than goodness.

Ron said...

Glad Murphy is better. Heat stroke maybe. Our old trainer said anytime you think that's the case you should take the garden hose and wet them down. Good move.

That sure is a long board. Nice jars!

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