Monday, 18 August 2008

Successful Show - Despite the Weather

The Weather did it's best to dampen our spirits, especially on the Saturday.
There is so much to show and tell that I'm going to spread
it out over the next few days.
The weather on Saturday was atrocious, luckily for us we had pitched our Marquee facing the right way and so our tent became a haven from wind and the rain.
The first picture gives a glimpse of what the show was all about, plenty more pictures to come over the next few days.
The next three pictures show our Marquee and views of the set up.
The pots went down very well, and we sold a real cross section of things.
Marion was an absolute star, the best sales woman I have ever seen in action, but not pushy at all she just has a knack of engaging people in conversation and making them feel at ease.
We created a real relaxed country feel, that people warmed too.
It was so nice to sell direct to the public and talk about the pots and processes and to sell so much.
I had set ourselves a sales target that if we reached it, we would call it a successful show,
"We Doubled it" !!!
I had a couple of other potters come on my stand and they were very complimentary about my work and they even bought some of my pots, how nice is that!
When we got back home on the Sunday Night Marion Had a Surprise waiting for me.
more on that Tommorow...


Brian said...

Way to go!

To have anyone show up, let alone buy anything in bad weather is a testament to your pots and your sales team.
And you doubled your goal!

Successful show indeed.

Laura Elizabeth Jessop said...

WOW! That's fantastic! Well done dad, Im really proud of you both. Get some more pictures up, i want to see more, im impatient. And what was the surprise?? Tell me tell me tell me. (i seem to have turned into a 4yr old on xmas eve). xxx

Ron said...

It looks great Paul, you really went out of your way to make things presentable and homey. I'm not surprised you sold as much as you did, good pots after all. Nice tractors there too.

paul jessop said...

We Know don't we Ron !!

Ben Stark said...

Congrats on the successful show! Your set up looks great and compliments your pots very well!

ang said...

well done..what a team!!

doug fitch said...

Wey hey, well done, that's a great start. Your stand looks great. Just been enjoying your cd, thank you very much, I'll return the compliment soon. It's great having Marion on board, I can imagine folks would love talking to you guys. Hope we get to see you before too long

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