Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Yesterday's Farming - Day Two

The thing I love about this show, is that people just show off their old steam engines.
These old trucks have so much more style and character than the new computer designed ones
OK I know these would have been bone shakers with no power steering or air con, but in those days these things didn't exist anyway so you wouldn't have missed it.

As ever there was a display of the farmers friend and one of England's finest examples of engineering

How's this for a classic
This local dairy truck with it's Churn's would have been in service in the era that saw the demise of the farmhouse pottery as new technology came in, it's nice to know that as well as us potters cherishing the old pots, these trucks are still loved too.

How many shows can you sell pots at while watching Steam engines trundle past your tent ?


Michael Kline said...

This reminds me of a show my folks drug us to as children. It was called a thesherman's show . I actually loved it, since I've always loved old stuff. Thanks for all the great pictures.

Michael Kline said...

BTW, the duck lives.sorry

Laura Elizabeth Jessop said...

What was the surprise??

potterboy said...

Those Land Rovers are great - I've been thinking of getting an ex-army one as my next car... not sure how much longer my poor Focus is going to last.

Your tent looked great to.

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