Friday, 17 October 2008

New Workshop

I had a second meeting with the building Manager at Barrington Court today
He told me that they would be very happy to offer me a workshop space
because they want to support a new local business.
We agreed the best workshop space from the ones we looked at
would be in this building. Not all of it I hasten to Add
Just the middle bit in this picture
the bay with the green door and the bay area to the left of it.
All the details need to be sorted yet,
but this is a very exciting development.


Ron said...

That place looks amazing!!!!

doug fitch said...

Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! That's great news, really exciting

ang said...

oh yeh, exciting prospect indeed..congrats paul

Hannah said...

Wow that looks pretty exciting nice place. What about teh address on your leaflet though?

paul jessop said...

I know ! I know !

The first run off is quite small but I need them for this weekend and the run up to christmas. so I'll change it on the next print run. I think it's called sods law.

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