Sunday, 19 October 2008

New Leaflet and Ceramic Review new Blog

My new leaflet should be ready on Wednesday of this week
I'm very pleased with it and I wondered what people might think of it
so here is the back page
and this is a page about Barrington.
I don't think it's like any other potters leaflet.
I certainly collected enough of them before I worked out what I wanted to achieve.
It has Eight pages in total and I will put the whole leaflet on here next week.
Don't worry some of them do have pots on.
I fired my Kiln today and during the day I was reading my new copy of
Ceramic Review
They have started a new Blog
I also wanted to know what people think about it
I have my thoughts on it !!


angela walford said...

wow v. spec paul and 8 pages, hope all goes well sorting out your new space, look forward to seeing it, i'll check out the CR blog too..

Patricia Griffin said...

Beautiful brochure!

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