Monday, 6 October 2008

River Cottage - A Perfect Day for Ducks

Sunday was supposed to be an open day at Rowswells Farm in Barrington, so the plan was to have the workshop and showroom open all day, but for some reason Rowswells Cancelled the event, so we had no visitors around at all in the morning which gave me time to take a few more pics of pots in between the rain.
In the afternoon we went down to River Cottage HQ for what was described as a Duck Day.
This is the view from the car park.

Part of the event was being filmed for a new series out in late October/ November 08
we kept well out of the way from the cameras.

This is Hugh and his Son hurding Ducks into pens - as you do!!

The Weather was raining on and off all day, they had a local produce tent selling Jam's, Bread, fresh Meat etc: This last picture was taken as we were leaving, as you can see it's rather muddy. But most of England looks like this at the moment as this must be one of the worst Summers we have had for years.

It's Monday morning now and I seem to be over the worst of my man flu, so I'm feeling very positive this morning and I'm off to make some pots.


Ron said...

Hey, Glad you are feeling better! Is the R.C. HQ in Dorset??

paul jessop said...

It Sure is Ron - 19 miles door to door.

Hannah said...

Please pardon my ignorance but River Cottage? Maybe I should google it.

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