Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Pots & Leaflet Photography

I got into making some 1 pint Tankards yesterday morning, which was a nice feeling to get back on the wheel after a week.

The afternoon was spent putting together some new pictures for the Leaflet

this is one of them that hopefully shows what I am all about

simple country slipware.

The very nice chaps at

who are putting the leaflet together for me, read the blog the other day
and noticed I was having trouble uploading some images,
so they very kindly emailed me some new j pegs.

Here is the new front cover

And this was a page we have decided to change
it is very nice but we just think we need to use the space
a bit wiser


ang said...

LOOKING GOOD PAUL..some v yummy images looks like chocolate, can you throw with chocolate???!!.....

Hannah said...

looks graet, can't wait to see it.

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