Friday, 7 November 2008

Come Home to a Real Fire...

There have been a couple of times this week that have
made me realise just how lucky I am to be living my life as a potter
in Somerset.
Just simple things, like being able to walk the dogs for a long time on a particularly beautiful day early one morning up on the hills, while looking down on the busy traffic with ant like cars rushing to work.
Making a delivery of pots to Spillers, and coming out seeing a couple of sales reps
checking their suits before calling in to see the chap I had just seen, and me still in my potting clothes.
And standing in the workshop putting handles on mugs while listening to Radio 4.
Getting inspiration for pots from looking at my list of Blogs and seeing those wonderful jugs on Doug's blog.
I so much want to be a good potter, a potter who makes pots from the heart
a potter that inspires other potters.
and then I think
" well I've only been doing this full time this time around for 3 months don't be to hard on yourself, the longest journey starts with a few steps."
This afternoon I decorated 10 Tankards with some Italic wording for an order
once I had got my head straight about Quality I was able to free up my hand
and realy enjoy the writing on them.
I feel very Lucky
If only I could dry pots out like Hamada
I've always loved this picture.
Any potters working in England will identify with this picture at the moment
you can just feel the warmth coming from it.


potterboy said...

That is a great photo - I made some pots eight days ago and they're only just past the leather hard stage even now. In fact, I could do that...

Any chance of seeing those tankards? I have a soft spot for writing on tankards.

Ron said...

That pic is great. I love how tidy that fire is and the area between it and the pots.

Michael Kline said...

That is a great picture, although it looks a little staged. [blasphemy]

maybe not.

cookingwithgas said...

I see more then fire in your post- I hope you are able to live your dream.

tsbroome said...

Paul, I am sitting here after having two Blue Moon beers with orange slices, my favorite and I am listening to my daughter's band write some music and sitting under the tin roof we put up over the deck yesterday, newly decorated with colored Christmas lights. I'm feeling like I'm in a bar on St. John in the Virgin Islands and then I read this blog. What a wonderful way for my day to end. Perfection! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Very inspiring.

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