Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Slipping in the Kitchen

It's still very damp in the air at the moment and nothing is drying
So to make sure I don't have a disaster with my freshly slipped pots collapsing
I decided to move the slipping operation into the Kitchen.
with the Aga on it made good sense
It is a jug with a lid, but it still looks like a coffee pot to me !
A row of larger mugs, this Burrow Hill design seems to go down well around here
and I love having the freedom to to them free hand.

Marion came out to the workshop one day last week, all excited about some jugs
Doug had made, which he posted on his blog with leaf pattern slip decoration, and she asked if she could have a go at it because she loved the look of Doug's Jugs.
So I gave Marion free range on this jug.
It was a first for me as well

We were pleased with the results, and it was nice having Marion around helping with the slipping.

I then did this chap and was pleased until I put it down on the table

and caught my hand on it, "Look at that Splodge" !!

The leaf idea started to take off

Before we knew it even the egg cups had leaf designs on them.


Ron said...

Those leaf designs are great. I love that little egg cup. Marion is one patient woman to let you bring all that in the house. It looks like you're keeping it tidy. I'd have slip everywhere and Sarah would be going crazy. Ha.

potterboy said...

I like the leaf thing too - especially at the bottom of those bowls - can't wait to see them glazed.

But it's all generally looking great.

For the lidded jug - I agree it does make a splendid coffee pot. Have you seen those by Phil Rogers - the lid is a drop-in flat lid (ie thrown the right way up rather than like a shallow bowl the wrong way up, if you get my drift.) They look a little more like jugs (although i think they all look like coffee pots, so it doesn't really matter.)

ang said...

sweet little egg cup, and the jug is great too, Marion has a good eye for deco..

Hollis Engley said...

It all looks very cool, Paul. Can't wait to see them fired.

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