Monday, 29 December 2008

New Profile Picture Circa 1972

It hasn't gone unnoticed that over the past few months
potters with blogs have been changing their Profile picture
from pots to portraits.
I think this is a good idea as it is nice to put a face to the words.
I've had a number of attempts at trying to take a photo of myself all to no avail
so I decided, because today I'm in a just do it mood, I would post pictures that I do have.
I think you can date this picture from the smiley badge alone
I believe it was around 1972.
This one is around 1962/3
I've decided to get a new picture done when I move into the new workshop
so hopefully I'll put up a new profile picture in two weeks time.


ang said...

what a cutie pie awwwwww... here's to the new studio move in...cheers, yep lifting a glass tp the big move...yippee, all the best paul

Ron said...

Those are fun to see Paul.

Hannah said...

awhh bless.

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