Monday, 29 December 2008

A Request for Shelving Ideas

I've turned my attention to the shelving arrangements in my new workshop
I believe that this is a vital aspect to the smooth operation of a workshop.
below are pictures of my current set up.

This is a close up of how the system works.
But I have found that this system has limited use of space.
and I am looking for Ideas of a better use of space.
These two diagrams below are taken from a book called Potworks.

I have also always liked the look of this unit
taken from the front of -Illustrated Dictionary of practical pottery.

any suggestions that you have found work for you
would be greatly appreciated, as I ponder this question.


Hannah said...

Hi Paul, that pic at the bottom is a bit like mine, I have very limited space and lots of shelves on the walls only one pot deep wouldn't be very good fpr me. I have a rack built by my star of a dad. It's about 4ft wide and deep and floor to ceiling height. Then I have 2"x1" battons running front to back along the two sides at abpou 10" intervals that I can slide boards onto. My boards are 4ft long and varying widths. I find this great but in an ideal world I would have two such racks. A second won't fit in my studio though. All in good time I suppose.

Hollis Engley said...

Hi, Paul. I'm about to build another set of shelves to go over part of my work table. About 4x4 feet wide and deep, by 6 feet high. I like having a setup that's not committed to pots of a certain height, but can be adapted to take, say, six shelves of plates in the same space I can put two shelves of vases. But I need to think about how I do mine ... when I come up with an idea, you'll be the first to know.

Crazy Green Studios said...

Hi Paul - the drawings of the first shelves is much like mine, also fashioned after those in John Hartom's studio in Burnsville. I fit two 8x36 shelves in each level, which gives me extra flexibility going up and down as well as in depth. The side shelf braces are about 4"apart, so if I'm doing plates I can really fill the shelves, and the frame goes up 6 feet so I have plenty of room if I'm making taller pieces. It was one of the best investments (had it built) I made after the pugger!

ang said...

i just opened your lovely ss. gift paul thankyou what a lovely surprise they'll have pride of place my kitch/shelves can't wait to try out the egg cup sweet decoration indeed...all the best with your shelving project it looks well in hand. ang x

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