Sunday, 18 January 2009

Wassail ! Evening at Barrington Court

Barrington Court held a traditional Wassail evening on Saturday Night, it's all about warding off evil spirits from the Apple trees in the Orchard, to ensure a good crop for next season.
I opened my workshop and showroom just to promote the fact that I am now open.
We went down really well people loved the work and the fact that I am going to be working there all the time, it was a great opening event.despite the weather.

all of my equipment is now in place, but I need to put up more shelves, but I have decided to start working first to then find out what would be best where ! if that makes any sense.

This picture is the before picture taken on Tuesday

and this is the same shot taken on Saturday evening, complete with a medieval visitor

The Wassail event was taking place right out side my workshop and there must have been over 300 people who braved some atrocious weather howling winds up to 80mph and a real downpour..

Marion came home on Friday night she had been away in York all weekand she spent all Saturday morning painting my showroom and putting my display together.

The paint had just about dried when I opened the doors for the first time.

and this was a shot of the workshop from next to the Bonfire.


cookingwithgas said...

how wonderful to have something fun and excited to go along withthe oepning of your shop!
It makes sense to me to start working and see what goes where as well as what else you will need. I love your show area.
Best of luck.

Laura Elizabeth Jessop said...

Golly that sounds like a hoot! Wish i was there! Display looks great too. xx

Michael Kline said...

Paul, It looks great. We could all stand a few medieval costumes walking around the shop. Ha.

With 80 mph winds, though, hold on to your chain mail (or is it male?).

I have the same board system that you've got. I'll have to install sooon. Thanks for the inspiration!

Michael Kline said...

BTW, what kind of wheel is that on the left? Looks like its modeled after the Leach wheel.

Ron said...

So wonderful to see your place all set up Paul. It will be a great adventure, you being there. Best of luck

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