Thursday, 8 January 2009

Workshop Preview

The Excitement is beginning to build here in Barrington as we were allowed access to the new workshop space yesterday so we could do some measuring up and check out a few details before I went ahead and Purchased the timber for my new Shelving system. I was well chuffed with my local timber merchant, I asked if they could give me a discount and told them what I was doing and he made a phone call and then said YES 40%. " if you don't ask you don't get". as one of my old sales managers used to say to me. See Rod I was listening!!

Marion bought me a new heater for the workshop, one that has a frost protection mode on it so hopefully no more disasters

This is the exciting bit, a short video of how the space looks like now. I am told it will be clear when I get the keys to it on Monday.
I'm going to put two wheels under the windows, put the shelving on the back wall. I've worked out I can fit three shelving units that will fit 3ft ware boards across and be 30inches deep . so that's quite a bit more than I have been used to.
So I'm out in the garden today building the side panels of the shelving system. more pics later.


ang said...

how excitementing! where's the kiln going?? and two rooms, cool..

Ron said...

Wonderful Paul. So excited for you. I didn't chime in on the shelving discussion but my ware boards are 3 ft long. Good score on that lumber. Nice lighting under that bank of windows.
I hope you got the email I sent you Tuesday night thanking you for the mug. Susan and Jane had put it on my shelf at Clayworks over the holidays and I got it when classes began this week. I love it!!! So good to have a pot of yours. Thanks.

Hollis Engley said...

Looks like a great space, Paul. I'm envious.

doug fitch said...


Anonymous said...

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