Thursday, 8 January 2009

The Shelving Under Construction

Thank You for all the input into my shelf design questions
I have decided on my design.
All the cutting was done outside but the assembly was done on the kitchen table, it's still very cold around here at the moment.
I've gone for a 6" gap between the batons and the bottom baton is 16" off the ground so I can store my buckets underneath, and the top shelf is 2ft below the ceiling so I can store larger items on the top.

I made two of these today and will do the rest on Friday.


Hollis Engley said...

I'm eager to see what it looks like assembled, Paul. I'm trying to see how you'd slide the wareboards in ...
Nice job, in any case.

Ron said...

So you're gonna slide the boards in with the ends sitting on those cross boards right? I like that system. Mine is just the opposite. The way you're doing it makes a better 'working rack' ie you can put boards in and out w/out worrying too much about raining stuff down on wet pots below. Of course I wouldn't have that prob. if I kept my ware boards cleaner. Looks like really nice, sturdy construction.

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