Thursday, 26 February 2009

Count Down - 2 Days until Open Day

We have been putting the finishing touches to the showroom
which included this glass cabinet.
with some beautiful examples of Donyatt Pottery
very kindly given to me some time ago by Doug Fitch.
It's nice to have some local history on show.
It's the first time I have seen some of my work in a glass cabinet.

I've got lots of ideas about changing the display
I'm thinking about having a Blogger shelf where I can display
work by other potters from my collection, just to showcase our blogging Community.
At this stage I have no idea what to expect regarding sales,
some times I think I have lots of stock and other times I think I have
no where near enough stock. I just don't know. Still the Court opens on Saturday
and I'm just going to see what happens with what I have got.


Hollis Engley said...

Looks lovely, Paul. Our show of Cape Cod Potters work opens tomorrow night and yours looks just as good.

Alex Mason said...

Good luck, i think your displays look fantastic.

ang said...

all the best paul...I'm sure news will get around there's a real live potter at barrington court...

Hannah said...

Looks great. your jugs are lovely by the way. it'll go swimmingly. Are you tied to be open there all the time?
good luck, they'll be swarming in soon.

Laura Elizabeth Jessop said...

Oh my gosh it looks amazing! Good luck dad, how exciting! Well done! xx

Clay Perry said...

how nice.. it looks great!

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