Saturday, 28 February 2009

Open Day

Barrington Court Opened to the public today,
they had around 100 visitors and about 15 came to visit me.
Marion came down and dusted my pots and sorted out my displays for me.
The three pictures on the wall are by the Local Bus driver " Mick the Bus"
they add a bit of colour and whats interesting about them is that the choice of colours
is all done by the throw of a dice.
I've moved my electric wheel so that People can watch me throwing and I can see people when they walk in the showroom. but today I was turning pots and putting handles on pots and slipping some jugs and tankards.
I had some nice comments today and a few daft ones.
To be honest it all felt a bit strange today with people just walking in.
I'm sure I'll get used to it. but No sales today
lets hope I can build from here.


Hannah said...

I reckon a book full of stupid comments would be fantastic,, we should pool all our collections.
The place looks really great Paul

ang said...

neat front shot paul... i could likewise add to the list of stupid comments...

ladyofclay said...

Congratulations on your opening day... you've accomplished quite alot in a short amount of time !
I'm sure "they" will come.

Ron said...

It looks really wonderful in there Paul. Good selection of well made pots. I'm sure you'll have no problem building a customer base.

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