Monday, 16 March 2009

Collecting the Ash

I have started collecting the Ash from the Horse Chestnut trees for some glaze experiments
according to "clay and glazes for the potter" there is little value in trying to use Ash in a glaze in temperatures less than stoneware.
But that's not the point, this is all about creating something good out of a bad thing.
Something that people can relate to and respond to years after the trees have gone.
and I like a challenge!.
One of my customers bought this bowl in for me and I am to make two more like it.
I just liked this view when I took Cadbury for his walk in the afternoon.

I have been working on this yesterday its about 17" tall
and a number of visitors have commented upon it.

I had two customers pay me a very high compliment yesterday, I was talking to another couple when I over heard this other chap say to his wife
" Oh yes it is very similar, the same beautiful shapes"
I had to ask them " similar to what ?"
"some pottery we bought years ago in Devon"
"where was that ?"
" Oh Clive Bowen"
"Yes that's the chap"
" He's one of my Hero's"
" well we love his work and we love your work as well".
That kind of thing can make a chaps day.

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