Tuesday, 17 March 2009

On Fire this Morning

I woke up this morning full of Ideas and energy
I was in the workshop by 8am having walked the dog
and by 9.30 I had made these four 6lb jugs each about 12" tall
The last straight one is about 14"

I love it when you feel on fire when your at the wheel.
had to pop back home to sort out some stuff but I'll be back in the Workshop within the hour.


maria said...

I've liked very much your blog. I'm a potter from Barcelona (Spain) if you want to see my blog the adress is http://mariaboschceramista.blogspot.com
have nice day!!


doug Fitch said...

Very nice PJ, good to hear you are in fine spirits

Hollis Engley said...

Looks like good stuff, Paul. Dan Finnegan was here this past weekend for a workshop and I showed off your egg cups. He reminisced about soft-boiled and poached eggs. A lost art around here ...

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