Friday, 24 April 2009

Chippidie Chippidie Pin

I can't believe it !
I got excited about my Chip and Pin Machine turning up yesterday.
watch out customers
NO More Excuses - I've Got you now!
I was in chirpier mood myself yesterday this was the second one of these I made
from 14lbs of clay
I dropped the first one off my shelf which was swiftly followed my a string of foul words beginning in these letters S, P, B, F & W.
I'm sure we have all been there, well not all I'm sure.
and then I very slowly turned around to see if anyone was in the showroom
Luckily Not.

as you can see the National Trust have painted my windows
but I'm thinking of ways to brighten it up.
and this is what the showroom looked like yesterday.


Anonymous said...

not sure what a chip and pin machine is but am definitely familiar with the loud cursing... the showroom shot looks great!

Christine--RHP said...

What's the "W" stand for?

--oh wait, I just got it, nevermind. (You brits!)
I'll have to work that one into my repertoire of cursing when pots break.
Your shop is lovely!! and yes, brighten up the front a bit more--can you add some more ware out there to entice the customers inside? Maybe some vases with fresh flowers or a few planters?

Yana Out East said...

I'm not sure what the P is for, but I'm in love with the large bowls.

Taylor said...

Hey! A little help with the initials for those of us in the colonies.

What a lucky duck you are working in a place like that. I'd enjoy cursing a blue streak in a place like that.

Pot on.


Ron said...

S, P, B, F & W






Not quite I bet.

paul jessop said...

I knew you would work it out ron your so English,
The chip and pin machine allows me to take credit and debit card sales, although i'm told it won't be useable untill thursday, how frustrating is that.
Taylor this is for you, I'm trying to keep this as clean as possibble
S = Phoo
P = wee
B = the dogs ( male universal )
F = rhymes with duck
W = rhymes with hank

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