Sunday, 26 April 2009

Eeles Family Pottery at Barrington Court

This is the white garden at Barrington court
I walked past it on my way to see the Eeeles Family Pottery Exhibition
in Strode House part of the Court.

I've met Simon in the pub a few times but I've never been to the pottery.

Interesting work

these Raku pieces are superb.


Peter said...

What a lovely garden. White tulips in there by the looks of things, mmmmmmmm!
I went through art college at Lancaster back in 1975 and there was a John Eeles in class. I don't suppose there is any connection?? Interesting pots (though I like yours better... am I allowed to say so here!). P.

jimgottuso said...

beautiful jug... second to last pic, dreamy

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