Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Strange Type of Day

Do you know how some days just feel strange ?
I was in a very productive mood today and seemed to be busy all day
but when I look at my shelves
I wondered what all the energy had gone into producing.
I think it must have been something to do with the weather today
I loved the colours in this picture.

I'm still working on a good size bread bin design
This one is OK but it's not hitting me with the YES that's it factor.
so more work on these to come.

Ok I've just taken Caddy out for his walk this morning and I've been thinking this whole Bread Bin thing through.

If I'm the potter at the wheel and I know what type of shape I'm trying to make

- who the hell made this ?

Do I need to take more control of my thoughts and actions ?

Is this just Me ?

I would just like to clarify one thing

" I've never taken a drug in my life & have never had a desire to even try"

So this is a clean head I'm talking about here not some spaced out old hippie.

Half the day was like this.
And then as if the day had not been strange enough
only one visitor today I wonder why !!
I looked at my order book to ring a customer to tell her that her Harvest Jug is ready
The honey glaze has come out great
when I noticed at the bottom of the order it says colour
" Oh Dear "
as you would expect from Me.
So I got back on the wheel and made another one and put off phoning the customer.

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Ron said...

I think it's a matter of making over and over. Sure you see it in your head but some of it gets lost along the way, or the material may not be just right or many other things. So this is step 1. The next one may be it. You had to make this one to get the next one.

chirppy chrip

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