Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Local Clay Trials and other new pots

OK I'm quite excited about these local clay trials.
This first picture shows at the top a 50/50 mix Local clay with my standard clay
and at the bottom is 100% local clay
both fired to 1095 0c.
Both strips were 6" long when I made them and both are very strong.
and this jug is made with a 50/50 mix
My slip and glaze both seem to work well, giving me much reason to celebrate.
At my source of supply which I am going to keep secret, the land owner tells me there is at least a Ton that I can collect.
And if a day needs to get any better, then these pots also came out of the same firing this morning.

a second Bread Crock

a Nice bowl about 12" wide.

a 9" serving dish.

and a Harvest Jug ordered by Mr & Mrs McDonald
who are great supporters of local potters.

and a little selection of small jugs.
Off to put my wellies on and go and dig some clay.
This being a full time Potter lark is feeling pretty dam good at the moment.


Peter said...

That is a very nice harvest jug, I'm sure the McDonalds should be thrilled with it. I do like your 12 inch bowl, the two slip colours and the combing go together really well.

Congrats on finding some good local clay. Is it clean enough just to pick out a few large stones and get on with it, or will you have to turn it into thin slip and put it through a sieve? From your photo it looks like the 100% local clay has very slightly less shrinkage than your 50/50 mix.

Glad that things are going so well for you. Best Wishes, P.

Laura Elizabeth Jessop said...

Golly, what a fantastic day! Pots are looking really amazing dad. I especially like the harvest jug! Jolly good show.

Ron said...


Hollis Engley said...

Hey, Paul. I agree with the younger Jessop. Looks like it was a great day. I'm envious of local clay that is that dependable. Like Peter, I'm wondering if you dry and sieve it, or just pick out roots and rocks and throw it.

paul jessop said...

Hi Peter and Hollis,
the answer to your question is that I dry it and sieve it but only through Marions flour sieve from the kitchen. but don't tell her, I don't think she has noticed.

Hannah said...

Nice pics, nice pots, nice clay

ang said...

that local clay does have a lovely zingy look to it....v nice find..

Hollis Engley said...

A little clay dust wouldn't show up in chocolate cake, anyway.

Amy said...

wow... these are great! (especially the bread crock).

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