Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Big Boys Toys...

Some days are just filled with big boys toys.

More info on what Nathan was doing with the camera later.
This looks just like a big toy.

I want one of these.

More new pots from the kiln tomorrow,
The Local clay came through the biscuit firing with excellent results.
I have two samples, one 100% local clay and one mixed 50/50
with my red clay, and I also have a jug thrown using
the mixed clay50/50 in the glaze firing .
So that should be interesting to see the final colour of the clay.


Hollis Engley said...

Man, ever since I lived out in ranch country in New Mexico I've wanted a tractor. Do you think I could justify it on a 1/2-acre piece of suburban Cape Cod?

paul jessop said...

Get yourself an old classic and call it a restoration project. you might get away with it.
and it would be great to pop down to the coffee shop in, they would certainly know you were comming.

Pottery is the New Yoga?

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