Sunday, 7 June 2009

Brain Wave - Just the One Mind

I started to turn some lids yesterday using this clay base to hold them on the wheel,

but I kept damaging the lids when I tried to lift them off.

They were either sticking to the base or when I tried to prize them off with a knife I was catching the edge and marking it.
The Phrase

"Necessity is the Mother of invention" came to mind.

I came up with this Idea. Well it was new to me.

This way I can lift the lids off the wheel without damaging them

and it works.

only 78 more to go.


Anonymous said...

Cover your hump with a thin layer of newspaper for easy removal :-)

Anonymous said...

Correction... Cover the hump with a thin layer of DAMP newspaper strips before you put the lid on it to trim. The lid sticks for trimming but is clean when removed!

Amy said...

what a brilliant idea...

Peter said...

Never done them that way before, I must try it myself.

jimgottuso said...

cool idea... have to keep that in mind, you should submit it to ceramics monthly

Docks-Pottery said...

Ciao,only a few days we have a blog of pottery (only photos for now). I live in Turin and my name is Filippo Di Giovanni. With a friend Raffaella, three years ago we have opened a studio were we work with ceramica.We have not yet shown around our creations.

I would be pleased your comments on our works. thanks

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