Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Somerset Art Weeks 2009

Today I was able to submit a new Picture for the
Somerset Art Weeks 2009 Brochure.
This year the Somerset Art Weeks Event is on from
19th September - 4th October.

Barrington Pottery is going to be Venue no: 31
and the above picture shows a Doug Fitch Jug on the right
two of My jugs and a candle stick holder made by Malcolm Shepherd.
It has been quite exciting putting every thing together for the event
as it is the first time I have done this one. I missed it last year, but hopefully
this year will be a good one.


Anonymous said...

nice shot of some nice pots... good luck

potterboy said...

Are you going to be selling Doug's pots as well as yours? Exciting stuff anyway - I'm just about to apply for two shows through the Anglian Potters - no pots yet but still...

potterboy said...

Also - how much clay in that straight jug? I've been throwing fat jugs that aren't that big from 5 lbs of clay, which seems a lot to me, but I don't think I could use any less (i have slumpage issues and Nic suggested only pulling up two or three times - so I have been doing that and no problems with slumping. But I can't decide if the pots are too heavy now.)

Anyway, that's a nice jug. In fact I might go and try it...

paul jessop said...

Hi Andrew,

Yea the big tall green jug was 6lbs of clay, but I made sure it was fairly firm stuff.
With the art week stuff the Idea is to sell every ones work.
Doug's, Malcolm's, Jane's and Mine.
The jug of Doug's is the one we bought at the first show at the long room gallery, which was where we both first met each other. I had to go to the Somerset Guild of Craftsmen Gallery in Somerton where Malcombe has his work on display and blag my way in to borrow a piece of his work and take a picture of all the pieces together. One good thing about being an EX salesman, you can talk your way into almost anywhere.

potterboy said...

I threw a few pots from 5 lbs of clay - got up to 12 inches in height, which doesn't seem enough to me - cut them all in half and the clay was about half an inch at the base (and quite a way up too.) Oh well... will, keep trying. I then got very optimistic and tried to throw a 12 lb jar. No chance :( Clay everywhere.

Yeah, being able to blag is a good skill :) If I'm free I'll try and get down for it - sounds interesting. I still would like one of your limited edition jars, with the ash glaze, if you're still making them. Such a nice idea, I thought.

Laura Elizabeth Jessop said...

Dad, you're a genius! Could you blag your way into the natural history museum and grab a 65 million year old fossil so we can have our picture taken together to examine the likeness?

Laura Elizabeth Jessop said...

Seriously, i think i saw one of our distant relatives in there...the same nose!

Hollis Engley said...

Don't you just love smartass kids?

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