Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Barrington Court Ash Glaze Pots

Following the Glaze problems on my first batch of
Barrington Ash pots.
I decided to turn it into a positive - OK ten pots went to the wall
But I have decided to make some improvements to the over all design,
something I would not have been able to do if the first batch had come out OK.
So the first thing was to get some proper number stamps for the base
I found a nice little set at Bath Potters last week for under £8.00.
This looks so much better than a scratched in number and
the metal stamps should last me a life time.
I also made the pots a little bit bigger using 1 1/2lbs of clay
rather than 1 1/4lbs.
Then I changed the decoration as well.
So all in all a totally new and improved pot.
all I have to do now is sort the glaze out and I'm off.
I did have some one turn up at the workshop last week to collect their pot and I had to ask them to come back in two weeks.
These pots are going to be Glazed with the Ash glaze from the trees at Barrington Court and are a limited number set of 100 pots
I've worked out the prices and these pots will be available from the workshop next week all being well with the glaze at a price of £34.00 each.
The first 12 are already spoken for.

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