Thursday, 29 October 2009

All sorts happening today.

I'm feeling much better today, as some of the things not happening have started to happen today.
The Planning application for change of use is being delivered to me tomorrow to sign.

We also went to see a potter called Jacky Duncan and she showed us her Cattle and Pottery collection which included two fabulous Michael Cardew pots, a Large black jug and platter with a stunningly simple white slip decoration,
and then these pots came out of the kiln this morning.

This new Casserole with a hollow thrown knob and sprig design.

I had three of these dip bowls come out of kiln two of which were ordered.

and this Jug made in the Branham Style.
I also had a meeting with the electrician today to discuss my requirements
in the new workshop.
we came across this sign that had been placed on the door leading up to the room
above my new workshop.
I was lucky they weren't roosting in the new workshop or we would have been
halted in our tracks.

These young visitors were busy trying to take my picture
asking me to stand still every couple of seconds,
so I got my own back and caught them in the act.
and a young lad came to see me today to see if I would consider
letting him do his work experience with me for one week next July.
So things are back on track and I've got some new pots to make on Friday.


Ron said...

Glad you're feeling better Paul. Pots look great. Cool about the bats!!!

ang said...

ha.. excellent day..

Hollis Engley said...

Nothing like seeing good pots - your own and others' - to give you a kick in the butt.

Peter said...

Have you got a bat licence? I've never seen anything like that National Trust Bat Roost notice before. At first I thought it was something Montipythonish and funny...., then I realized it was for real! Does this mean that there is a Department of Bat Affairs somewhere in local government,...I mean, some one has to issue bat licences! Over here I see that our local council has just hired a Graffiti Education Officer. I'm wondering if the idea is to improve the quality of graffiti by the process of education? We will have to see!

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