Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Bare Shelves = Bare Mind

When I got back from our week away
in the Isle of Scilly, I decided that most of the pots on my making shelves were
just not good enough.
The unfired pots were thrown into a big bucket of water, The bisc fired pots were hit with a hammer and then I turned my attention to some of the glazed finished pots.
It did feel like a cleansing of the Soul.
But look what I am left with.....
Bare Shelves !!

Don't take any notice of the empty wine and beer bottles
I haven't turned to drink,
Well not in the workshop anyway, there just left overs from the private view.
But My mind feels as blank as the shelves at the moment.
Where has my inspiration gone ?
If anyone has seen it can they please send it back!!
I think I've got so much going on that's all just up in the air at the moment
that I think I now understand the phrase
" I can't see the wood for the trees".


Ron said...

I did a big cleansing back a month ago. I threw out LOTS of pots. It did feel great. Now, as far as inspiration goes....?...I'd say it's there in you. You just have to show up, work, and let it come. There's plenty of fire in you, maybe it's just died back a bit, before long I bet it'll be blazing!!!
Wish I was there to talk it over with you. While having a pint of cider of course :-)

Christine--RHP said...

Paul, this is part of the package. I guarantee you it will come back. Do whatever other tasks need to be taken care of and before you know it, you'll be all fired up again.
(wish you and Ron would send me some of your throwaway pots...hehe)

Dirt-Kicker Pottery said...

Hi Paul, I hope you find your inspiration soon. Your work is awesome. If I was there when you were smashing pots, I may have thrown myself infront of them :(

ang said...

ooops..! hope its not in the shards pile...! keep lookin chaps! :)

Hollis Engley said...

For me, inspiration comes and goes. After a show or a firing, I often have no desire to go into the studio. I dither around, doing this and that, then finally I face up to it and start throwing. Magically (so far ... ) it comes back to me. Pretty brave to bash up all those pots, though. Congratulations.

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