Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Trust Your Instinct.!!!!

Instinct is a wonderful thing !
I just wish I had trusted my own on Saturday.
Last year I attended the Spillers Open day and had great Success.
This year I was invited back.
It co-insided with the last weekend of Somerset Art weeks
and the Chut Fest at Barrington Court.
Last year I had a stall in a very nice kitchen area, which this year had a French chef in it cooking Duck in a Red Wine and cherry sauce.
So I was put in the next room right next to this Kitchen which was the star attraction
of the show.
Not the type of Kitchen that my pots should even be within sight of.
Also in the room with me were three very nice girls from Millers Farm shop
in Kilmington, nr Axminster, doing their very first show.
This was their stand much later in the day. at the start of the day it looked fantastic
just like a harvest festival.
I was tucked away in the corner and knew as soon as I turned up that this was not the place for me.
I should have trusted to my instincts and just left my pots on the stand with some leaflets.
any way I didn't , I stayed all day and did not sell one pot all day.
and the girls from Millers Farm shop didn't stop selling all day.
Leaf resist drying out at the workshop
I had to put this picture in as an antidote to the kitchen picture.
Luckily for me Marion spent the Saturday in my workshop
and did rather well.

On the Sunday the Chut Fest at Barrington Court pulled in over
1,000 visitors. and I felt much more at home in my own workshop
which made a bumper end to the Art Weeks event.
But I did learn an important Lesson this weekend.
Trust Your Own Instinct

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Winston said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your disappointment at Spillers Day. I think very often, exhibition planners don't realize how much their placement of stalls affects the sales of the exhibitors. Hope you have better luck next time.

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