Wednesday, 30 September 2009

New Pots for Spillers Open Day - Sat 3rd October 2009

New pots from the kiln this week.

Having Doug's pots around in the showroom has been a real treat for me
it's given me time to look at the rich depth
he manages to get on his glazes by applying them so thickly.

So I decided to glaze this Pancheon twice

as soon as the first application had dried I glazed it again.
The results were ?

Blinding !!!
If you have been following my Blog for some time, You may

remember that last year around this time I was asked to do a stall at

Spillers The Aga Centre in Chard.
Well they have asked me back again this weekend
So I have been making some new Casseroles.

and Baking dishes. with some more stock to come from the next glaze firing that is going in the kiln tonight.

1 comment:

Hollis Engley said...

Two layers make a difference, don't they, Paul? Nice pots, as always.

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