Thursday, 3 December 2009

Blue Sky Thinking & Work in Progress

This picture is for me as much as anyone else.
It seems so long since I've seen a sky as clear and blue as this one this morning.
I think this must be the cloudiest year ever that I can remember.

This small bowl came out of last weeks firing,
but as much as I tried I could not get a picture that showed the colour at it's best.
so I took advantage of the sunshine and took this.
It's a bit of a departure for me it's what I would call a modern design,
just drizzling the slip over the bowl.
I seem to be trying out all sorts of new things since I came back from holiday.
I think it did me more good than I first thought.
While I was away I Read the
Winchcombe Pottery the Cardew - Finch tradition ,
book that Doug Fitch had lent me.
Doug's Copy is Signed by all sorts of people, and I couldn't risk taking it on the holiday with me, so I bought myself a copy that arrived in the post the day before we set off.
We took Doug's one back on Tuesday night.
He lent me another,
I hadn't seen this book since I was 17, I used to get it from the library all the time.
and I found a copy on Amazon for £15.00

I seem to have found a nice balance of working at the moment that I am really happy with.
I've got orders for 26 pots at the moment, but in amongst them I am making some nice pieces just for myself.
This being one of those pieces.

I've been struggling with these at the moment, 13lbs of clay.

and yes these are some mugs in the Blue slip.!!!!!
One has to make a living you know.


Lori Buff said...

Have you seen this video on youtube or Michael Cardew thowing off the hump?
It's very inspiring. said...

You sound like you are in such a good place right now! Funny you posted the sky picture, my daughter walked out of the house this morning with her face towards the sky, the full moon and the sun were out and no clouds at all, just beautiful. We just stood there and stared at it for awhile :)
lovely bowl, and I have book envy!

Hannah said...

Did you hear that wierd Blue Sky something or other play n Radio 4 the other day too. That was an odd one.

paul jessop said...

No I didn't.

I'm very fussy with plays, if I don't like some of the voices or if theres a lot of shouting I turn them off.

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