Tuesday, 29 June 2010

It's a Raku Kiln - Honest !

I now have every thing assembled to start building
my Raku Kiln.
I must admit I did feel a bit odd buying the last few items I needed this morning.
The list read as follows:

1. propane Gas bottle

2. 9v battery

3. wire cutters

4. respirator mask

5. Jig saw blade.

In this modern age this looks like a terrorist shopping list.
I felt so bad about it I decided not to buy the Gas bottle today.
if the police had stopped me in the truck,
that would have taken some explaining.
anyway all set to go.
I will post step by step reports on the building.


Tracey Broome said...

Good thing you aren't in Canada. You would be in jail for sure! Can't wait to see your kiln in action, looks like fun :)

Hannah said...

That's funny. How come we feel so guilty so easily? h

Dalmira said...

I understand you perfectly, that I think, when I'm in my car wiht raw materials, feldspar and other, for example, I think, my God! if the police open my car, will think, much white powder!, haha.
Sorry for my english,I love your blog.

Until We Bead Again, Beth Murr said...

I have one of those. Be sure to watch my video How NOT To Light A Raku Kiln.

The Brookfield Potter said...

I'm looking forward to following the process, take lots of pics.
Thanks for your comment on my last post. I've posted a new one showing a better technique for barrel firing; before your students lose pots following my first attempt.

ang said...

lookin good paul.. wheres ya cookies???

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