Monday, 28 June 2010

England World Cup Fiasco !

Taxi !
Well, Well, Well.
If you believed all of the Hype,
This was Englands best chance of winning the world cup since 1966.
In fact from my point of view it was probably the worst
world cup ever. Not only were our first two games so poor that you had to question
the whole England set up.
But I watched the first game in the Local pub, the game was bad enough
but the lack of beer did nothing to raise the spirits.
The second game, while poor in it's self was watched
at home with a steak meal and cool beer from the Fridge
all courtesy of Marion. By Far the best way to do it!
Thank You Marion.
For the third game, on Wednesday's afternoon, I went down the local pub
That Actually Ran out of all Beers while the game was on.
Can you actually believe that, It's not as though the pub was packed
with beer guzzling punters. I think there were about 14 of us in there.
I'm thinking of writing to the local parish council to ask if we can
change the name of the pub in honour of this catastrophic failing
that is on a par with the England performance.
I think
"Capello's Bar"
would just about sum it all up.
If it wasn't all so predictable it would be enough to make you cry.

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