Friday, 30 July 2010

I've Hit a Brick Wall

What happens when you hit
the proverbial brick wall.
And how do you get out from under it?

So far this year I've been totally focused on the new workshop and making enough stock to fill the shelves, sales have been going well and I've been able to keep up with
all the bills and then suddenly
I've had a week of almost no sales at all.
I know the only way out of it is to pot my way out,
but that is difficult to do when your creative spirit has got up
and walked off into the sunset.
I took a day off yesterday to try and clear my mind and get away from it all
but it had no effect at all.
I want to take my business to the next level
but I don't know what that level is yet?


cookingwithgas said...

we have hit that wall our selves and it is hard to see past it.

Tracey Broome said...

There are potters that are selling well, and I am convinced it is all about the marketing. Julie left a great comment on my blog about creating a story, romance, a memory. I have seen this myself. I know a potter that creates a lot of that around her place and people eat it up, and her work is not that special, but her place is and the crowds come.
You have all the tools to be successful, keep the faith!

ang said...

chip in one brick at a time big boy!! know i was looking at one of your pots on my shelf the other day and you just have such a natural touch for's all there just keep on plugging!! look at where you are now from just one year ago and you have all the marketing skills..lovely stuff chap!! :))

Christine--RHP said...

Paul, there are always waves to ride, huh? Just keep plugging away, and you'll arrive at the next level before you know it.

Hollis Engley said...

I understand that, Paul. I seem to have walls spaced much closer together than other potters. I hit mine all the time. Just have to find a way over or around the wall. Sometimes it's just time away that does it. I like Tracey's idea of creating a story around your potting and your pottery, though to me it seems your story is built-in. I don't know what I'd tell about mine.

Anonymous said...

Completely understand where your coming from. I find the best things for me to do if I hit a wall is to pick up something different and work on that. I'm primarily a painter but if I get the block, I write some poetry, do some drawings, throw some pots...I find that making helps me to make more. In terms of your business, you could try an ebay shop, and link all of your blog posts to these commercial pages online?

Best of look and keep up the good work

Andrew Farmer

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