Sunday, 25 July 2010

Production Sunday !

Sunday is always a strange day regarding sales.
You can never tell from one week to the next.
This weekend I sold absolutely nothing.
Tell a Lie, I just sold a jug while I'm writing this.
But luckily my mind was in the right place and I just cracked on with making
small bowls.
Today my target was 50
There are 48 here plus another four
on one of my other shelves.
For a long time now I've been thinking about writing a list of
Five reasons to buy hand made craft from Source.
But I keep coming up with about 20 reasons.
and I want a nice short to the point list.
So I'm going to tackle this task this evening with a beer in hand,
any ideas would be gratefully received.
My language has on occasion been known to get a bit colourful to say the least,
when I've had a few beers.
So I think I should start the list before I open the beer,
otherwise I think my list would scare people away.
I think a few beers in the back garden
this evening should make a nice end to the day.


Mesnic said...

nice work, can't wait to see this list!

Tracey Broome said...

I think you should do a before beer list and then an after beer list and be brave- post both of them! I post after too much wine, you can do it!
BTW, I am making some pieces for Raku, you have me itching to get back at it!

cookingwithgas said...

oh -do- both- and you are busy!

Hollis Engley said...

Give Tracey's method a try, Paul. She is never fearful of posting after a wine or two. And it seems to get to the point more directly.
Nice production there, too.

Ron said...

Looking good Paul. yes, lets see the list(s) when you're finished.

ang said...

excellent production paul, enjoy the peace and quiet on those sundays you'll get so much done! we end up doing 'networking' on those sundays when sales are slow at market and boy did we network yesterday!

paul jessop said...

Ok I'll do a before and after beer list. but last night when i got back we sat in the garden with a beer watching an amazing display of swallows, Buzzards and Doves in the sky above us. and I didn't even give the list a thought.

jim said...

let the beer flow freely and the words will be delivered

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