Thursday, 22 July 2010

Normal Service is Resumed !

Back to what I should be doing.
Making pots.
This chap came out of the glaze firing this morning
and has already been delivered to the customer.
Wednesday gave me a chance to make a few
minor adjustments to the showroom.

I've purchased a couple of very nice old aprons for the workshop
and am using them in the showroom to give it a homely feel.

The National trust came and put some insulation in this old doorway
So I've painted it up to add a small splash of colour.
I worked all day Wednesday slipping jugs and putting handles on serving dishes.

It feels good to be back in the groove.
I'm working towards my next show
Yesterday's Farming
August 21st & 22nd at Dillington House.
My main priority now is making stock.
"I will not do Raku"
"I will not do Raku"


Lori Buff said...

It sounds like you've caught the raku bug :-)
The shop looks great, the apron idea is a nice touch.

cookingwithgas said...

getting in the grove feels good!
I love that Jug- I bet the customer does as well.
Watch those distractions...

acte gratuit said...

Hi Paul,
I'm a long time pottery student recently turned un-trained, inexperienced teacher. I have a student who brought in a cup with a leaf imprint much like the one in your post and she asked me how to do it.
I've pressed leaves into flat greenware pieces, but I've never tried on the outside of a round jug and glazed at the same time. I'm wondering if you use anything extra to stick the leaf to your pot and how you glaze it.
Emily in Japan

paul jessop said...

Hi Emily,

I use a fresh leaf just picked. i find it best to roll between some paper under a rolling pin to flatten it out. I wet the leaf and apply it to the leather hard clay. press it down so it will not let any slip get under it. I then dip it in slip and peel it off only when it is dry. I then fire it and glaze in the normal way. hope that helps. good luck.

acte gratuit said...

Thank you so much! We'll try it!

paul jessop said...

Have a look at my archive November 2009. I show some of the process there.

paul said...

I have been reading your blog for 2years now. It's about time I commented. The leaf jug is lovely.

Anonymous said...

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