Friday, 3 September 2010

400th Post = Competetion Time

Ok This is My 400th Post on the Blog.
I feel it should be marked in some way.
So I've decided to give this jug away to one person.
To enter all you have to do is leave a comment on this post.
I will then write all the names on a piece of paper and put them in a hat
and ask Marion to pull one piece of paper out of the hat.
who ever gets pulled out gets the jug.
It's a small half pint jug.
with white slip trailing over a black slip.
It has it's imperfections, but don't we all !
It has two marks on it,
one is where I caught it with my fingers when I knocked it off the shelf
when I went to pick it up to slip it.
and the indent you can see above is where I caught against the shelf below
and thus was able to save it.
To me this type of pot is everything a slipware pot should be.

So I hope you will enter into the spirit of things and leave a comment.
Especially all of you who read the blog but never leave a comment.
I'll do the draw on Friday 10th September.
Last year this blog had 22,000 visitors
So I hope I've been helpful to some people.
I know I have loved the feed back and help you have all given me.

Just out of interest while I've been putting this blog together this morning
I've had a visit from a Potter from Dubai, and a lady in the village came to take a picture of
caddie and me to take to Albania.
Just another day at Barrington Pottery.

And then there were two.
Yes you are seeing Double it's an eBay bargain.


cookingwithgas said...

Hi from my hotel room in the US of A- I leave some words now and again but I am that kind of person.
Love the saved pot-400!!

Tracey Broome said...

Hi Paul. Congrats on such a long time posting! I have enjoyed your posts greatly, your blog was one of the first I started reading and one of the inspirations for me to blog. I love seeing what's going on there at Barrington and love that little pitcher!!

Dennis Allen said...

One of our favorite possessions is a 150 year old blanket chest.It is dinged all over. The delicate lock has been replaced with a hasp and the hinges have been replaced. Finally someone drilled holes in the bottom to mount it on a wagon. We feel that all these marks add to it instead of detract.Its always nice when something tells its own story.

Anna said...

400! Thats alot of posting! :) Its so hard NOT to keep those pots that are saveable, but not perfect. Each pot has a little bit of energy and smooshing them when they have gotten to the leather hard stage is so hard for me....!

Dan Finnegan said...

Count me in as a regular reader, Paul. Well done!

am said...


Armelle said...

Hi, Paul, I know you reading Peter Gregory's blog, and he made me know about English slipware and your blog and others. Je suis débutante en poterie. Mon anglais n'est pas si bon, je suis contente de laisser un commentaire pour votre 400 ième post.

bellasnow said...

Hello Paul. I needed some inspiration tonight and i just thought I'd see what you were up too...and here you are with your 400th post! Fantastic. Like Tracey, your blog was the first blog I began to follow and you never disappoint us. Thank you and keep up the good and beautiful work.

Congresburypotter said...

Hi Paul
I very much enjoy following how your workshop is developing - or more importantly, the work!

I'm taking the plunge of renting a space myself soon, which is frightening and exciting at the same time. I'll be at the Walled Garden in Wrington, maybe you'll come and see me when it's all sorted(ish)

Happy Hens Farm said...

I am one of those who read your blog and never comment. Blush! I am an aspiring potter who has lots to learn yet. I find great inspiration and ideas to think on when I read your blog. Congrats on 400 posts!

Trish said...

Paul, I too enjoy reading your blog and seeing what you are up to over there.. I perfect little jug with 'a day in the life of a potter marks', a perfect gift.
Congrats on the 400th post..!!

TropiClay Studio said...

400! That's a lot of blog time! I have enjoyed your posts for some time now, and have printed a couple of pictures from your posts to put up on the board for my students to see. I like to give them a variety of building and decorative styles to look at for inspiration. The marks give that jug character!

Nu Kua said...

congrats on 400 posts! Love to read your blog, pics of your studio, pots and countryside are always a good start of my day!

doug Fitch said...

Howdy Paul
Happy 400th post. Lovely jug :)

Ron said...

Hey Paul. Way to go on post 400!

Shelley said...

Great work Paul. Your pots are beautiful---would love to own one!
Keep on inspiring us with your work and you blogs.
Shelley from Jerusalem

Wildmud said...

A real Cardew looking jug. I'm enjoying my "Paul the Potter" mug.

Yana Out East said...

Dear Paul,
400 Posts already, and I think I've read most of them. Yours was the first pottery blog I found, and you sent me on my way to finding so many others too. I hope you continue posting for well past another 400.

Trevor Wilkins said...

Hi Paul from Powell River, B.C. Canada. I have been reading your blog for a while now and love your gallery and shop. 400 that's quite a milestone. Well done!

Donna Ferrara said...

love the pitcher--it has a lot of presence! enjoy your blog, congrats on your posts!

acte gratuit said...

Since my husband is a tightwad and will be until our student loans are paid off (some time in 2063) the only way I'll get one of your pots is if I win it. So PLEASE rig the drawing and PICK ME!!!!
Emily in Japan

Paul Jessop said...

Blimey thank you for all your nice comments. I'm gonna need a bigger hat for this draw. don't worry I wont put my own name in the draw.

Annette said...

Hello Paul,
Your blog inspires me to take up pottery again!
love the pot and would be thrilled to win it (who wouldn't?)

Alison said...

Hi Paul, I'm one of those that reads but doesn't comment, and I'm not sure why because I always find your posts interesting. My friend Ang is a master, mistress? blogger and through her and her network have found so many interesting potters and bloggers. I live in Australia but have family in North Devon always love to see photos of the changing seasons, and your lovely pots too of course. Congratulations on your 400th post...and I'll be back, with comments!

Margaret Brampton said...

Your work is looking good and what a wonderful showroom you have. Would be good to visit you one day.

Wayne Norris said...

I am one of those who follow but do not leave comments very offten. I am a fellow potter in the US and enjoy reading about other potters and learning from them. Thanks for all your post and look forward to more.

Lori Buff said...

Congratulations on 400 posts. Following your blog has been very inspiring to me. Thank you.

Peter said...

Goodness Paul, congratulations on your 400th post! That is a big achievement, as has been the progress of your pottery and business. It is wonderful how your blog is touching so many people around the world, and lovely to see nice earthenware pots being made and appreciated. Here's to hundreds more posts and pots from you!

Christine H S said...

I read your blog Paul, because it is always a good one. I don't always have time to catch up on all the blogs so I read a few episodes today and am still loving the title 'An episode of Mild Peril'! I wanted to add to the swell of comments on post 400, though I don't want you to think it is just because I want your jug,
though that sounds like I don't and who wouldn't - it's a beaut with a perfect history, but because I wanted to add Congrats on 400! But I must confess I love the idea of...'The DRAW'....I will hear the roll of the drums from here I expect!

Anonymous said...

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