Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Barrington Fete Weekend.and Fete'd pots...

I hadn't mentioned it before but Marion and Me
have been organising the Barrington Village Fete,
along with our good friends Martin & Wendy and Stuart.
We have been working on it since February.
We wanted to create a real old fashioned Village Fete.
We started with a fancy dress competition for the Kids
outside the church.
These pics were early on but there were over 30 Kids in the end.
I like the Flintstones Chap.
But the Mammoth From Ice Age won the day
Look at the shadow on the floor.
We also re instated a very old Tradition
The Easter Bonnet Parade for Men
This is Ian Our very nice next door neighbour. in his fetching Bonnet.
Look people at the Pub!!
In the Evening we resurrected the Wheel Barrow race
all in all it was a fantastic day.
Unfortunately for me I had to help set up the stalls
but then miss the fete as I had to open the workshop
as it was a bank holiday weekend. and then at the end of the day
I had to go and help take it all down again.

I opened the Kiln when I got to the workshop.
This is the nicest one of these I've ever made.
But this large Bread Crock has cracked all around the base.
and it was an order for a wedding anniversary present. Ouch!
and look at this it's the Ash glaze on the green slip.
I think it's fired to High
any comments on this welcome.
There is so much going on at the moment I don't know what to post first.


Christine--RHP said...

The Fete looks like a smashing success!!!

bummer about that green--looks slightly overfired....

Wendy 'Pixie Pete' said...

Here we go again, maybe the blog spot will like me this time. I loved the first jug. Palestinian pots look a bit like a pot we bought from Tintagel many years ago. I broked it!

ang said...

the shadow is brilliant, pity you missed the fete did you at least get in on the wheel barrow race???
bummer about the glaze warts, a tough call i've fire mine at c9 and c6&7 always get diff results from each..its either over done, too crowded or not quite high enough?? it does look a little matt.. prob none of that helps eh :))

Trish said...

Greetings Paul..What fun!! an old fashioned family day! 'kudos to you and your family for bringing it all together...and a great day had by all..
It must have been the moon...'bad' kiln firing on this side of the pond too..but the large jug is beautiful! :)
Good luck with the rest of your week. Cheers. Trish

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