Thursday, 10 February 2011

Pots for Stock.

I have just unloaded the Glaze Firing this morning.
and I'm happy with the results, because most of the pots
are for Stock in the showroom.
This Pancheon is 15" wide.
This green bowl although Ok the Idea needs working on. 
These are my small bowls that sell for only £5 each.
I now have around 40 in the showroom. 
This tall jug is 14" Tall. 
and these are the pots I had on previous post
as they were being made. 
Inspired by the Michael Cardew Jug. 
I like this one. 
and I now have garlic pots back in stock.


nick friedman said...

Paul, you're getting some really nice color on that earthenware. It looks like some fuming is going on near where the glaze meets the clay. You must be pushing your temperature right to the edge of what that clay can take. Great results--especially for electric fire.

Lori Buff said...

I love the Micheal Cardew Jug. What size is it?

ang said...

wow 5'ers... really! they'll fly the loose slip deco on the dark pot..

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