Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Photo Session in Barrington Court

What better place to take Pictures of my new pots
than Barrington Court.
Today I was able to use the house as a backdrop to
take pictures intended for my revised leaflet
that I have planned for 2011.
The combination of mature timbers and the beautiful local hamstone
seem to suit my pots perfectly. 
This is the magnificent walking gallery on the top floor.
Hundreds of years ago, Ladies would have taken a turn around the room
in their magnificent gowns during the winter months
so as to not get them dirty outside.
You can almost hear the rustling of the crinoline fabric. 
and these pancheons look right at home
on the Kitchen window sill. 
I also had to take some of me on the wheel. 
I'll have to do something about that hair. 
I've got some great shots for the leaflet and it was really exciting
having the court house to play with.
Thanks to the National Trust Team for letting me loose.


Hannah said...

Hi Paul, the pictures in the hall are great. will they let you leave some pots in there?

nick friedman said...

Hey Paul. What and where is Barrington Court? We watch a lot of Beatrice potter in our house and I can't help notice how much your crockery would fit right in with any one of the scenes. Very solid work.

Anna said...

What a wonderful backdrop for your work! Sure beats a light box....

Kings Creek Pottery said...

Beautiful photos~ the pottery great!

Tracey Broome said...

That windowsill shot is beautiful! you are so right, the place suits your pots perfectly.

doug Fitch said...

Brilliant, they look wonderful - even the couple with the old crock on at the end ;-)

ang said...

looking good!!!! I think you should try on a hat!!

Congresburypotter said...

Lovely work & lovely shots Paul

Paul Jessop said...

Hi Hannah, I'm hoping they will this year, with a note about now visit the potter.
Nick Barrington Court is in Somerset England and it's where my workshop is. Thanks Doug my backs feeling a bit crock at the moment.
so your not far off.

Ron said...

Photos look great. It was so fun to visit there. I bet you could get some good photos when the gardens get going again too this spring and summer. I can see a pancheon all full of fresh picked veggies.

gz said...

Looking great!

Trish said...

Beautiful Paul! I do so want to visit England some day. the historic buildings are amazing, not to mention the pots! :)

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