Thursday, 10 March 2011

The 2011 Cenus has arrived

The 2011 Government Census form has arrived.
I have been looking through the questions,
and they all seem a bit dull.
If it had asked the following questions, I might have been able
to give some interesting answers.
1. Occupation ?- Potter
2. have you in the past 24 hours worked in the Buff ?- Yes
3. did you get two photogrophers mixed up? - Yes
4.did Marion save your blushes.? - Yes
5. have you spent the last 12 hours saying " Oh My God" ?- Yes
6. Do you have any Idea why you did it. ?- Yes
Last year the Duke of York Pub did an auction to raise money
for the Help the Hero's charity
In one evening they raised over £8,400. this included two
of my tankards raising £75.
For 2011 they have decided to do a calender girls style calender for 2012
and I agreed to pose for it sat naked at the wheel.
This is the help for hero's logo

If for some strange reason you want to see these pics.
 I will give details of  how to buy the calender later in the year.

I'm not a war munger in any way shape or form.
But if I can help raise money for injured soldiers then I am happy to do that.
These are just some random pics.
This car pulled up outside the workshop earlier this week.
and these are pots made this week.
These are three big casseroles made with 6lbs of clay.
Not that i'm trying to gloss over the first part of this blog
But !!!.
or should that be Butt!



ang said...

I love those vintage cars :)) wanna come sit for our drawing class paul????

Tracey Broome said...

We should do a Bloggers in the Buff Calendar!

Hollis Engley said...

Paul, do not listen to Tracey. No, wait ... maybe we should ...

Hannah said...

no no no no no we damn well shouldn't! crikey paul you're brave.

Hannah said...

on second thoughs if there was a bath of lovely well sieved white slip...

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