Pots in the Making

I thought I would show you some pictures of pots in the making
and then the finished pots.
This is a close up detail of a pancheon handle. 
and the lip of the same pot. 
freshly slipped Pancheon
this one was slightly to wet to slip and luckily the kiln was
cooling down at the time and I was able to save it from collapsing
by sitting it on the kiln to dry quicker.
This is my stamp and the workshop stamp. 
and this is the finished pot. 
This jug came out of the kiln yesterday as well. 
and this one 
A group shot.
The Casserole
and I do like these dark moody window shots.


dawt said…
How beautiful!
cookingwithgas said…
god work going on there!
Unknown said…
Gorgeous collection of pots! I like the windows too :)
jim said…
beautiful pieces paul. i love the look of the wet slip and must say that the finished glazed piece retains a bit of the freshly-slipped look.
Hollis Engley said…
Damn nice, Paul. I do particularly love the pancheons.
ang design said…
after attempting to slip platters yesterday i now have new found admiration for the forms you're slipping paul...pancheons!! you must have a big grip :))
Stasher said…
I have come to realise that bread making is part of my heritage, and at last I have found a maker of pancheons.....hopefully I shall have a vessel similar to the ones my grand and great grandmother used. I had only seen them in museums and antique shops till now.

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